Made from real cotton canvas, our traditional canvas marquees are the authentic vintage marquee. We use as many organic materials as possible in this marquee to create a uniquely rustic structure. Wooden poles, ropes, cotton covers and coir style carpet all work together to provide the perfect setting for your event. We love to pair our canvas marquees with our rustic plain trestle tables and cross back chairs, add to this some of our statement lighting such as the cartwheel or Edison lighting ladders and you really can’t get much better.

We find that more people are looking for a truly authentic traditional marquee. With our canvas marquees, no lining is required, just let the organic materials speak for themselves, whilst adding your own personal touches to finish the structure off. You may have seen this marquee on TV as it has been used in adverts, this is the only marquee of this exact design in existence, so you won’t see it anywhere else. We can provide all of our usual features such as window walls, hard event floor, entrance porches and much more. We can heat and light the marquee to create that all-important atmosphere required for any event.

The design of our canvas marquee varies slightly from our standard traditional marquees, it has a scalloped valance and a drop ridge line, this adds another dimension to the beauty of the structure, accenting its flowing lines and curves. We have provided a useful page that describes the difference between all our marquees and their individual features here.

If you prefer the pure white finish afforded by man made materials, we now have a canvas effect traditional marquee available for hire. It represents a cost saving over the real canvas marquee, as it can be cleaned using industrial techniques.

A couple of points to consider for this marquee is that it requires slightly more space to set it up over the standard traditional, due to its scalped valance; approximately 6’ all around, external roof lighting with festoon is not possible, and the size is set at 12m wide starting at 12m long and increasing in 6m bays.