No festival would be complete without flags. They also enhance weddings, concerts, garden parties and other private functions.
They are a great way to brighten the landscape adding atmosphere and elegance to your event.
They can be positioned on distant hillsides or used as focal points next to marquees. The flags come in a rainbow of colours and are made from light weight silk allowing them to move in the gentlest breeze. The poles are 6m lengths of bamboo which is a great natural product being both light weight and strong.
They are quick to install and leave little trace making them suitable for the smartest of lawns.
They really do create a wonderful atmosphere.

When you are partying inside a marquee it is easy to create a great and warm atmosphere as you are in an enclosed area. However, as soon as you venture outside this can quickly become lost due to the open space around you.
This is where maypoles and pagodas come into their own. They create an elegant space adding colour and atmosphere which keeps your guests close together.
Our Maypoles have a central 6m bamboo pole which is circled by a number of 4m bamboo poles with bunting draped between them
Our pagodas are mounted on 4m bamboo poles creating a 4mx4m square. This also comes with bunting laced between the poles. Multiple pagodas can be joined together.

Nothing suggests British summertime more than bunting. Adding colour and movement which in turn creates the best atmosphere.
Our bunting walkways use 4m bamboo poles. These can be positioned on one or both sides of a pathway.
It really does create a magical entrance for your special day.