2023 will soon be upon us, and whilst the post-pandemic flurry of weddings throughout 2022 showed that many wedding traditions are still going strong, many others demonstrated a welcome break from the norm.  It’s looking likely this will continue – So here are our top predictions for 2023 wedding trends:

Groomsmaids, Bridesmen & Mates of Honour

Perhaps the most obvious break from tradition is the rise in popularity of non-gender specific wedding parties.  Couples are opting for a true reflection of their friendship groups, by including men in bridal parties (bridesmen), women in the groom’s party (groomsmaids), and choosing mates of honour, regardless of gender – You get the picture!

This is the modern world, so throw out the rulebook.

Wedding Suits for Women

Bridal wedding suits are on the rise.  Honestly, we’re surprised they haven’t boomed in popularity earlier.

Suits for brides are predicted to be one of 2023’s biggest wedding trends, as it seems more brides opt for an alternative to the dress on their big day. Like dresses – with a range of styles – there’s bound to be an option for brides looking for something that more accurately reflects their style and personality.

Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings became a true staple over the last couple of years, especially with the pandemic and people opting for outdoor venues for safety reasons.  However, this trend isn’t disappearing any time soon.

Options are endless in terms of location and our marquess are the ideal choice for hosting the perfect outdoor wedding. Our traditional marquees  and stretch tents especially compliment any wedding style.

Festival weddings in particular have also gained huge momentum; with couples incorporating camping, bell tents, festival flags  and food stalls!  Check out our guide for creating the best festival wedding.

Twilight Weddings

Maybe you’ve heard of twilight hour – But what about a twilight wedding?

As you’ve probably guessed, these are weddings that revolve entirely around those precious hours late in the day when the sunset begins, casting a beautiful backdrop for your special day.

Whether you choose an entirely outdoor wedding or not, a twilight wedding offers something a little different, in that the ceremony can take place at the start of the evening and is potentially a great option for autumn or winter weddings when the sun sets earlier.

Cocktail Hour

Hosting a cocktail hour for guests is becoming a regular occurrence with couples.  And who doesn’t love a cocktail?

Not only it is a lovely gesture for the guests to partake in a delicious cocktail, but it’s a choice interval drink, perhaps after the meal and prior to the partying commences.

Just remember to keep it interesting for alcohol-free guests, by incorporating an excellent array of mocktails to the menu.


Have any of these predicted wedding trends for 2023 inspired you?

We’re pleased to see some variety being thrown into the mix and some wonderful ways of bringing your wedding into the modern world.