Frame Marquees, sometimes known as Clear-span, are a vital part of our range at South west marquees. These are our most versatile structures; as they can be sited on any type of surface, have no central poles and no guy ropes. For weddings most people choose to have an internal lining; which we can supply in either pleated or flat design. This covers the aluminium structure. These marquees can be complimented by our full range of windows, flooring’s, lighting, and make an excellent base structure to build your event around. You can play with our planner tool to see how a frame marquee could work for your event.

Any Size

Our frame marquees are constructed using a modular design, and are available to suit a wide variety of widths and lengths. We now cover from 3m wide up to 15m. while weddings are usually up to 30m in length, we often build frame marquees in excess of 200m long.

Recently we have built some outstanding wedding marquees using our frame marquees and incorporating our Glass effect roofs and walls (see picture below). Sited to show off the view across the Severn Estuary, this wedding was truly amazing. The added bonus of this was that as night fell the stars and night sky became visible through the roof.

Any Surface

These structures are freestanding and can be erected on any surface; such as grass, patios, yards, driveways, and balconies. They will go over obstacles such as ponds, steps, shrubs and small trees. Uneven ground and split-level gardens can also be accommodated. Contact us so that we can let you know how a framed marquee can work for you.

We have a wide range of fixing options for sites where the usual stake  is not suitable. These include water ballast tanks of varying sizes and concrete weights which can be moved into position using our all-terrain forklift. The structural frame gives this marquee a huge wind resistance, making it ideal for all year round events. We don’t stop for winter as we can supply our powerful indirect heaters to create a cosy environment.