We own a wide variety of  inside and outside lighting to create the desired atmosphere for your event:

Chandeliers: These 12 arm chandeliers on a dimmer control hang from the ridge of the marquee or off the centre poles giving a classic look to your marquee.

Lanterns: These hang from the ridge of the marquee or again from the centre poles all on dimmer control, ideal for a casual or country theme. We supply paper lanterns too.

New! Edison Light Bulb Rigs: Hanging from the ceiling, these vintage warm light bulbs can be dimmed for a cosy atmosphere, they look amazing!

Uplighters: Sit on the floor and shine up the walls and behind the linings giving a contemporary feel, they can be supplied with coloured gels to create a certain ambiance.

LED Uplighters: Can change the look of any function room or marquee by adding vibrant colour up the function walls or marquee lining.

Pin Spots: Attaching to the ridge of the marquee or to the centre poles,  pin spots can be directed to individual tables, stages or dance areas.

String Lighting: For a casual festoon lighting we can supply strings of standard bulbs, thumbnail sized bulbs and golf ball sized. For a soft decorative look, fairy lights are ideal for decorating the centre poles, hanging behind the linings or even decorating trees and pathways outside.

Starlight Lining: With fibreoptic twinkling lights creating a night time effect,  the starlight lining will give the perfect feel and effect to your disco or band.

Outside lighting: With a range of outside lighting we can supply  tripod lights to light up walkways or carparks, to  uplighters and spots to put the focus on garden features, trees or shrubs.

Fairy Light Canopy: Sparkling effect for the roof of the marquee adds great accent to a dance area without having a black effect during the day.