All marquee events require electricity and power to run smoothly. If you’re hosting an event in a rural location or without access to mains electricity, you’ll need a generator. These machines are also used if the in-house power supply cannot meet your event’s needs. As every event is different, so are the individual needs for power and electricity. This is why, here at South West Marquees, we have created the Generator Tool to direct you towards one of the three different sizes of generators we offer. With individual power specifications and quiet-running technology, you can enjoy every moment of your event without a hitch.

Unless you’re a seasoned event planner, choosing the right generator can be confusing. You need to account for all appliances you need running at the same time. Taking into account power in KW, the number of appliances you have and the connection type are all factors that dictate the generator required. If you choose the power set-up, you run the risk of short-circuiting or not being able to use appliances and essentials on the big day.

Here at South West Marquees, we’re always working to make the process of organising a marquee event as easy as possible. This is where our Generator Tool comes into play. On this page, you’ll be able to input readily available information from your appliances and our system will do the rest. The information will be passed to our teams who can then create a set-up that works perfectly for your individual needs.

Below, you’ll find instructions on how to use the Generator Tool. Once you have generated a result, all you need to do is save this and send it on to our team. We will work to your specifications, ensuring we provide generators that can properly accommodate all of your devices safely and reliably.

To use this tool:

Start by filling in your name, email address and reference number.

Add each appliance that will be plugged into the system.

You do not need to include appliances supplied by SWM as we will allow for this.


  • Appliance Description – Tea Urn
  • Power in KW – 3
  • Item Quantity – 1
  • Total Power – This will be calculated automatically.
  • Select service user from drop-down list – Caterer.
  • Select connection type – 13 amp

Click the Purple ‘+’ Button to add your next item.

When you have finished either save to PDF, Print or Email to South West Marquees.

We will endeavour to set up your power system to accommodate all the items specified. Items not on this table and not accounted for by SWM may not be able to run off the system. The customer bears the responsibility for ensuring that power systems are adequate for the specific event. If this table is sent to us, we will look through it and comment if anything seems wrong.

Any appliance plugged into this system should be safe and have a current Pat test label. As the Hirer you are responsible for the suitability of the entire system. We are happy to help provide any information you require to ensure safety and suitability.

If you need any help with this tool, please don’t hesitate to call or email.