Traditional Marquee with festoon roof lighting

Traditional v Modern – What is your wedding style?

Are you confused about which style your wedding should be? Both traditional and modern wedding styles are beautiful, so we understand the confusion and frustration you might be facing when it comes to deciding with one suits you. You can even have elements of each side incorporated into your event, to create your own creative […]

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canvas marquee with ivory roof overlays

5 ways to create a cosy marquee wedding this winter

Winter weddings can be beautiful and not just because it involves less sweating! Winter weddings offer you more venues and can even offer better rates, which is great if you are on a tight budget. Plus, imagine the amazing photos you can capture if it snows. If you plan to have a winter wonderland wedding, […]

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Seasonal flowers

How to plan an eco-conscious marquee wedding with style

Being eco-friendly is becoming more and more crucial. Many people are substituting brands for eco-friendly products and are promoting green living as a way to live while helping to conserve energy. For the people that want to continue their eco-friendly style on their wedding day, but still make it special, we have a few tips […]

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Outside lighting

What do you need to know before your big day?

The moment you look into your partner’s eyes, just before you say ‘I do’ should be the moment you remember for a lifetime. Everything should be as you pictured, even down the details you might not have considered, including the right lighting. The right lighting will add a layer of décor that will only enhance […]

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3 Top Tips for Starting your Wedding Planning

So you’ve got the engagement ring sparkling away on your finger and a date in mind. Now comes the tricky part – the wedding planning. Unless you’re an expert event planner, chances are this is the very first time you’ve had to cater for such a large audience. And, if you’re someone who’s dreamed of […]

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Trestle Table

Round or Trestle – Which Table Style is right for your Wedding Marquee?

When it comes to wedding planning, there are a great many things you need to consider. Who makes your bridal party? What colour will the flowers be? What type of table do you need? Ok, perhaps the last question isn’t at the top of your mind right now. However, understanding your options can help ensure […]

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How to make your marquee wedding celebration truely unique

How to make your marque wedding celebration truely unique

Your wedding day should be personalised to you. It should be the one day where everything you’ve ever wanted comes to life right before your eyes. Marquees provide the ideal blank canvas to make this happen. No matter your theme, there are a host of ways to ensure your wedding is unique and a celebration […]

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Find the Perfect Photographer for your Marquee Wedding

How to find the perfect photographer for your marquee wedding?

The moment you say ‘I do’ is one that you will remember forever. And, the celebration afterwards should be one that goes down in the family history books. No matter how many guests you have or the wedding theme you choose, the right photographer will make sure none of those little details are ever forgotten. […]

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Venue Marquees

Venue considerations when drawing up the wedding guest list

The date for the big day is set and your next task is to settle on a venue. With so many things to consider, your guests, what theme you want, the size of your guest list and so much more. Choosing the right venue is so important and in doing so you should think about […]

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Pole Marquee

Which type of Marquee is best for your event?

So much effort goes into planning events and if you’re hosting an important celebration or function it’s so important to choose the right marquee. There are so many things to think about the style of the marquee may be the last thing on your mind, but it’s perhaps one of the most significant. In this […]

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