Deciding on the perfect theme for a wedding isn’t always the most straightforward task. You have your own ideas and style, and then there’s the groom to consider, of course. Beyond that, you might have family members – we’re looking at you mother and father – who have their opinions on how a wedding should look.

When you choose a marquee for your big day, you have a vast range of options for your nuptial theme – and the canvas on which to make them all come alive. So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at a few nuptial themes that might give you a little bit of inspiration.

The Vintage Theme

There’s no denying that retro and vintage are two of the biggest trends around right now, and a vintage theme goes perfectly with the bohemian, stylish setting of a marquee.

An excellent way to bring this theme to life is with lots of hanging and trailing flowers and greenery from the roof of your marquee. If you team this with classic English flowers like roses, peonies or even wildflowers, your marquee will look and feel like a stylish, eye-catching haven. Consider adding elements like mismatched candles and Chiavari chairs for a cosy, welcoming environment for you and your guests.

Indian Wedding

A marquee is a brilliant fit for an Indian wedding theme, providing an airy and light space for towering greenery and relaxed seating arrangements.

Many traditional Indian weddings eschew the table and chairs set up and adopt a more open, relaxed approach to the venue. Think along the lines of low-down, comfy seating areas full of cushions, throws and pillows, and you’re on the right track. A marquee offers the ideal setting for the type of wedding, because the indoor environment flows seamlessly into the outdoors, creating a feeling of movement and freedom.

The Natural Theme

In recent years, the natural theme for weddings has made significant gains in terms of popularity, and a marquee out in nature makes for the perfect venue for this type of wedding.

The idea here is to use lots of green, earth and wood tones in things like table decorations and furniture, then match this with natural shades like dark reds, whites, creams and even a country-flavoured gingham or plaid. The idea is to cultivate a theme that feels and looks rustic, and there’s no better way to do that than with a marquee that puts you right in the heart of nature.

If you’re thinking about a marquee for your wedding or reception, contact South West Marquees today. We can provide a range of options to ensure that your big day looks the way you always imagined it would.