The chance to craft your own wedding is something that many brides and grooms dream of doing. With so many people on hand, from florists to wedding planners to family, a wedding can often feel more like design by committee than what you truly want.

A blank canvas wedding gives you just that – a beautiful space to control and decorate however whatever you want. For those who have alternative tastes, or simply want to take control of their big day, a blank canvas wedding can give you the freedom you want.

They’re Cost-Effective

When you choose to go with a blank canvas wedding, you’re choosing a space that comes with no frills or extra features. Many venues have things like catering, furniture and entertainment folded into their prices – and some charge additional extras to provide these services – but when you opt for a blank canvas wedding, you’re in charge. And that means of your budget as well as your theme and décor.

One of the main reasons wedding costs spiral out of control is because additional extras – sometimes cynically added at the last minute by venues – come out of nowhere. When you elect to have a blank canvas wedding, you are in charge of everything from the furniture to the entertainment. You know exactly how much you’re spending and exactly where it’s all going.

It Truly is Your Day

The problem with hiring a venue and going with all their included services is that you know you’re having the same wedding experience as lots of other people. When you go with a blank canvas wedding, on the other hand, you know that your big day is totally unique and all about your personal style.

No one wants a cookie-cutter experience, especially when it comes to your wedding, and you can bring your own tastes and likes to bear when you’re the one in charge. And that means a special day that no one else – including guests – will ever forget.

Unique Locations

Just like everything else with a blank canvas wedding, the locations you can choose for your big day are a little bit different.

You’re not hemmed in by the usual choices and can expand your horizons to take in locations like disused chapels, re-fitted industrial locations, and anywhere else you can imagine. Going for a blank canvas wedding puts you in the perfect position to choose the location you want.

If you’re thinking of a blank canvas for your wedding, visit South West Marquees today. Marquees make for the ultimate, flexible blank canvas venue and we can help make your day unique.