Wedding days and the months leading up to them generate a lot of generosity. Friends you’ve had in your lives for years organise and plan unforgetting hen and stag doos. Family members offer to chip or pay outright for your wedding dress. And guests make arrangements such as hotel stays and transport to celebrate with you.

More and more couples are using this generosity positively and paying it forward through charity donations. In favour of traditional wedding registries, there has been a rise in individuals asking their guests to donate to specific charities. Is this something you would consider? Read on to see why we think it’s a brilliant idea.

Why are charity donations becoming so popular as wedding gifts?

According to research, this rise in popularity is largely due to a changing culture. In a report from the Office for National Statistics, the average age for men to marry was said to be 37.9 and 35.5 years for women in the UK. However, it is the millennials that are moving in as couples and beginning to build their lives. This information tells us that people are waiting longer to get married. And, by the time they do, it’s likely that they already have everything they need to fill a home.

Wedding registries were once full of dinner sets, cooking utensils and household accessories. Without this need, couples are turning to alternative methods of celebrating their love.

How to incorporate charity donations into your big day

For those drawn towards this route, there are a number of ways to implement it into the day you’ve spent so long planning.

Swap out wedding favours

In place of sugared almonds or other wedding favours, consider donating to your chosen charity in your guest’s name.

Offer to match donations

If you can afford to, tell guests you will match the amount donated up to a specified figure. For example, if your wedding party can band together to raise £300, the money you would have spent on wedding favours can be used to do more good alongside this.

Forgo traditional wedding registries

Instead of racking your brain, trying to think of all the things you don’t need in the house, ask guests to make a donation to any charity. You can either select 3 or 4 suggestions that work for causes you believe in as a couple or be very specific.

Remember that weddings are expensive for your guests too. Asking them to make a donation in an amount of their choice is a brilliant way of relieving some of the pressure they may feel.

So, would you consider a charity donation in favour of traditional wedding gifts? Let us know in the comments below. And, if you would like any help planning a dream wedding – especially one pitched in a unique and striking marquee to better manage costs – get in contact with our team here at South West Marquees today.