At South West Marquees, our marquees have been used for all celebrations – from weddings and vowel renewals through to milestone birthdays and corporate events. Catering for larger groups of guests is something we specialise in and now we are delighted to announce the arrival of our Cathedral Marquee. Designed to bring your entire party together without compromising on style or functionality, it promises to tick every box for your next event.

What is a Cathedral Marquee?

One of the things our clients love so much about marquees is their versatility. From small intimate ceremonies to annual business conferences, they can be configured to suit your specific guest’s list. Adding entrance marquees or Chinese hat marquees to traditional marquees can work to create dedicated areas for different activities. Canvas marquees can be paired with pagoda marquees to add more space to the covered areas of your event. But, when the guest list is very large and you need a single space to accommodate them all, this is where our Cathedral Marquee comes into play.

With enough space for 2500 people to be seated at tables, it has a specialist system that allows each guest to be seated with good views of the band and the dance floor. Configured into a T-shape with the space for tables and seating moving down each leg, you can create a central viewing and presentation spot while all of your guests maintain the space to enjoy themselves freely. Spaces further away from the stage or dance floor can be sectioned off for them to relax while the angular shape invites people to the central spot too.

What Events Is it Suitable For?

As with all of our selection, the Cathedral Marquee can be styled for any event, but it is particularly suited to:

  • Corporate Conferences.
  • School Prize Days.
  • Balls.
  • Awards Ceremonies.
  • Larger Weddings.

It is also possible to have the same layout but reduced to accommodate smaller guest lists too. And, you can pair this marquee with others to continue creating those dedicated spaces and pods that your event requires.

At South West Marquees, we focus on bringing you the best options for your wedding, party or corporate event. If you have any questions about our Cathedral marquee or any of the other marquees in our range, please do get in contact here today and we will be happy to help.