The tradition of throwing confetti dates back many hundreds of years. The act of scattering petals or small imitations over a married couple is thought to bring good luck and happiness. It is a way for guests to say congratulations and has become a standard photo nestled in the heart of every wedding album. However, as a nation, we are becoming increasingly aware of our impact on the environment – especially during large-scale celebrations. And more couples are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to confetti that moves away from the standard plastic options on the market. So, what is available?

Real Flower Petals

Simple and elegant, many couples opt for real flower petals on their wedding day. This biodegradable confetti can be created from flowers of all types, including blossom or roses, and can be chosen to match your wedding colours. Consider potting them up in small cardboard tubs and handing them out to guests as you leave the venue. They are lightweight, won’t hurt and can be disposed of in the organic refuse once your big day has come to an end.


For couples looking to inject a feeling of fun into their special day, why not consider bubbles? Sure, you may not achieve the entirely traditional feel that confetti gives. But, you’ll still get amazing photographs. And, let’s not forget the happy squeals you’re sure to hear from the smaller members of your wedding party. Bubbles are perfect for the wedding day – they disappear on their own merit and there are many cost-effective ways to give each guest their own, personalised, pot of bubbles for the event.

Seed Paper Confetti

For the ultimate eco-friendly option, give back to nature on your big day. Plantable seed paper can be transformed into colourful confetti that, once it has bedded itself into the grounds, will create wildflower gardens. This is a brilliant way to ensure nothing goes to waste and may align with your values of supporting UK wildlife in as many ways as you can. It is compostable and printed into zero-waste alternatives too.

Biodegradable Faux Snowflakes

If you’re saying ‘I Do’ during winter, you can always choose fully biodegradable faux snowflakes. With the look and feel of real snow, they are made from a water-soluble base that disintegrated in minutes. Both safe for the environment and magical, it is an ideal way to transform your wedding photos into something plucked from a fairy tale.

At South West Marquees, we’ve worked with many couples to help them organise the eco-friendly and memorable day of their dreams. If you would like support with your wedding day or want to discuss any of our marquee hire options, please do get in contact here today.