As well as a variety of marquees we offer a wide range of furniture and equipment including heating, lighting, flooring, dancefloors, generators and toilets that is owned and maintained by South West Marquees allowing us to ensure that everything for your event arrives on time and in perfect condition.


White dining chairs (without seat pads) £1.50 each
Seat pads for the white dining chairs (royal blue) £1.00 each
Ivory cap for banqueting chair £0.60 each
Rustic wooden benches to seat 3 people £5.00 each
Wooden folding chairs £1.80 each
Seat pads for the wooden folding chairs (Cream) £1.50 each
Gilt banqueting chairs with gold seat pad £2.50 each
Natural wood banqueting chair, sand, black, green pad £2.90 each
Ivory pad for the natural wood chairs £0.60 each
Chivari limewash chair inc Ivory pad £3.50 each
Wooden High Chair £15.00 each
Poseur Stool £5.00 each
Two seater sofa £35.00 each
Three seater sofa £60.00 each
LED cube seat £15.00 each

Other Furniture

Wooden Bar Unit (12ft section- 8&4 ft section) £90.00 each
Wooden Bar Unit (8ft section) £60.00 each
Wooden Bar Unit (6ft section) £50.00 each
Wooden Bar Unit (4ft section) £30.00 each
Black curved bar 10′ with lights £100.00 each
Wooden easel £15.00 each
Pouffe faux leather, brown or white £6 – £8 each
Dressing Mirror £25.00 each
Coat rails and hangers £15.00 each
Picket fence (6ft section) £12.00 each
Parasol £15.00 each
Fire brazier £15.00 each
Moroccan style day bed £60.00 each
Moroccan style cushions £5.00 each
Moroccan style Rugs £20.00 each
Moroccan style pouffe £8.00 each
Moroccan style tall lantern £5.00 each
Moroccan style low lantern £5.00 each

Bell Tents

5m Canvas Bell tent including carpet, bed (double or two singles) camping light, side table a sofa £200.00 each
5m Canvas bell tent £150.00 each


Dance floor – Mahogany effect £0.50 sq ft
Black & white dance floor £1.00 sq ft
Staging (8 x 4 x 1ft sections) £25.00 each
Covered walkway (per 10 ft. length) £90.00 each
Hard Interlocking event floor £4.00 sq/m
Walkway carpet (6ft wide) £1.00 1 ft run
Track mats 8′ x 4′ £15.00 each
Grey carpet £1.50 per sq/m
Champagne coloured carpet £2.63 per sq/m
Coir Style carpet £2.50 per sq/m
Coloured carpet of your choice £2.63 per sq/m


Portable loos with hand washing facility £120.00 each
Portable loo trailer (2 x Cubicles) £250.00 each
Trailer toilets luxury (2 ladies & 1 Gents) £560.00 each
Trailer toilets luxury (3 ladies & 1 Gents) £660.00 each

Damage waiver fee

This is charged at 5% of the nett total
This will cover all equipment supplied by South West Marquees against fire, theft, vandalism and storm damage. The hirer shall be responsible for the first £500 of each and every claim.
V.A.T must be added to all the above prices.


Trestle table (6’ x 2’3”) £4.50 each
Trestle table (6’ x 2’6”) £5.00 each
Trestle tables (6′ x 3′) £7.00 each
Trestle tables natural pine (6′ x 3′) £9.00 each
3ft Round or 2’6″ sq table (seats 4) £5.00 each
5ft Round table (seats 8 – 10) £5.50 each
5’6” Round table (seats 9 – 11) £6.50 each
6ft Round table (seats 10 – 12) £8.00 each
Half moon top table (7’ x 2’6”) £12.00 each
Oval top table (seats 6 – 12) £15.00 each
Square white table 75cm (2’6″ seats 4) £5.00 each
Low level LED light table £15.00 each
Poseur table £15.00 each
Poseur table cover –  black £5.00 each
Poseur table cover – white £10.00 each
Coffee table £15.00 each
Table cloths (90″ x 90″) white damask £11.00 each

Windows and Linings

Panoramic clear window 3m section £20.00 each
Panoramic clear 9m gable £90.00 each
Georgian window wall 3m section £10.00 each
White hardwood French doors £90.00 each
Screening (internal) £1.50 1 ft run
Ivory screen reveal – ceiling to floor £120.00 each
Roof overlays – colour of your choice £60.00 each
Black starlight lining   POA
Ivory starlight lining   POA
Swags, green, burgundy, blue £1.00 per m
Drapes, green, burgundy, blue £5.00 each


String of golf ball sized lights 30′ £20.00 each
String of fairy lights £15.00 each
Chandelier on dimmer control – brass £30-£70 each
Chandelier on dimmer control – gunmetal £60.00 each
Chandelier on dimmer control – Crystal £60.00 each
Chandelier on dimmer control – Dandelion £90.00 each
Lighting Lanterns with dimmer control £20.00 each
White Uplighters on dimmer control £15.00 each
LED colourwash uplighter £20.00 each
Uplighter sodium high power £20.00 each
Spotlights £22.50 each
Fluorescent strip light £20.00 each
Emergency exit light £15.00 each
Outside halogen tripod £20.00 each
LED mushroom £20.00 each
Lazer light £20.00 each
Mirror ball & light £30-£40 each


Blower heater (including gas) £80.00 each
Indirect heater (thermostatically controlled) £180.00 each


Generator 15Kva Inc distribution. Fuel charged separately £250.00 each
Generator 30kva 3 phase + distribution. Fuel charged separately £390.00 each
Generator 50Kva 3 phase + distribution. Fuel charged separately £510.00 each
63 Amp Distribution board Inc. heavy duty leads £100.00 each
P.A.System (amp, microphone, & speakers) £90.00 each