If you’re looking for personalisation, a marquee wedding is an ideal choice. Giving you the opportunity to create something truly unique that speaks to your love, they give you full control. Alongside this, you’ll find a whole host of suppliers willing to adjust, alter and tailor their services to suit your needs. And, the opportunities to really impress your guests is truly endless. For some, this versatility seems like a match made in heaven. For others, it comes across as a daunting prospect. Meters and meters of white space to do whatever you want. If you can’t easily visualise your dreams, how are you going to transform this space into one that will forever hold a special place in your heart?

The beauty of marquee weddings is the level of support available. Everyone from the marquee hire company through to your wedding planning brings their own level of expertise to the game. Working out the logistics early on along with drilling down on your budget is the first step. From here, you can get creative and draw inspiration from many different avenues. You want your big day to look and feel well designed. Everything should flow and feel like it was crafted from scratch entirely for you. Our guide is here to help, supporting you while you style a marquee wedding that is sure to go down in family history.


Before you start planning how your marquee wedding is going to look, you have to take into account the practicalities. Not the most exciting part of planning a wedding but you need to consider necessities to make sure the day runs smoothly. Marquees can be set up in most open land environments and, therefore, may not have access to basic amenities. Power sources can be a significant halt when it comes to designing a practical layout. Near on everything you need to make your day complete needs power – the lights, the sound system and even much of the catering equipment. Equally, if you’re getting married during Winter or Autumn, heating systems are significant power drains. Having the right generator placed in the right location and capable of supplying your equipment is vital.

Alongside this, other factors to consider are parking. Is there free space where guests can safely leave their cars? Will they still be safe to return to in the evening, should the weather get bad? If you need to hire public toilets, where will they go? And, what waste removal services do you need to have legally? Many of your suppliers may need access to the site for larger vehicles – is this feasible? All of these considerations are vital and need to be taken into account fully. If the land you’ve chosen has been rented out for large events before, it’s likely the owner will be able to advise.


First impressions count. And, there’s no exception when it comes to weddings. Marquees have a striking appeal during the day and night. To get the most out of this impact, the entrance should be the first place you focus. Once again, consider the practicalities. Signs created in your chosen theme will direct guests safely and also build excitement as they move closer. Consider something bold such as a flower arch or foliage detailing around the entrance. Lights are also a powerful way of drawing in guests – think string lights wrapped around trees or lanterns lighting the pathway. Consider using the same flowers as your bouquet and accessories like burlap or even bunting to set the scene straight away.

The perfect entrance will have guests racing to get in. It should make the first statement about your event while looking just as striking during the day and night. You might even want to consider hiring floor tiles to make this section more stable or even a red carpet for the ultimate in glamorous details.

Create Zones

Depending on your guest list size, a marquee can feel like a large and expansive space. And, when you consider that everyone will spend a considerable amount of time here, it becomes essential that this space works. One of the most practical ways to do this is by creating zones. Whether you choose to use furniture or different floor styles to showcase these is your choice. Either way, zones help to build excitement and hold something back from guests as they make their way through. Some of the zones you may want to consider are:

  • A relaxation zone – At the end of the night, everyone wants to rest their weary feet. Use ambient lighting, super soft furniture and a decent distance from sound systems to create just that.
  • A bar zone – Some guests may be drinking and others may not. It always works to create a dedicated drinking area. This also allows waste to be kept in one area and helps the catering staff to keep everything contained
  • A dance floor – Need more be said? Everyone loves to shake their tail feathers at a wedding. So, make sure you have a dance floor that’s big enough to accompany all guests and one that will keep them steady on their feet.
  • A dining area – In smaller marquees, you may want to organise for the dining tables to be moved aside to free up space. However, if you’re fortunate enough to be working with a large space, dedicate a zone to this purpose. That way, catering staff can clear away plates etc while guests continue to enjoy themselves seamlessly.


Flooring plays a significant role in the success of your marquee wedding. The right choice works to tie together your theme. Equally, it offers significant safety benefits by reducing the risk of tripping on uneven ground. Marquee flooring can be used to create zones – think checkerboard dance floors. And, there are a number of options out there to suit your needs. Our range includes:

  • Durable Interlocking Flooring – Here, squares of flooring are individually installed and bolted into place. They have a smooth, safe texture and are the ideal solution for uneven landscapes.
  • Level platforms – If you need to create a stage, this is the ideal choice. They can be used to even out slopes or significant grooves in the ground.
  • Dance floors – Choose from standard mahogany wood or mix up coloured tiles.
  • Carpeted flooring – Coloured carpet can be used to match the accessories around your wedding. Equally, we also coir-looking carpet which offers superior durability and less seams for safety.

It’s surprising how significant flooring can be to your big day. Take your wedding theme and choose an option that best suits the look and feel.


The tables and chairs you choose not only offer comfort but also help to create your chosen mood. Weddings are intrinsically romantic and it often surprises couples at how significant of an impact the furniture can have. Think Gold Gilt Chairs that look as if they’ve been plucked from a palace for wedding themes airing on the side of glamour. Natural wood banqueting chairs are comfortable and rustic making them a suitable option for country chic themed celebrations. Or perhaps Chivari chairs with their lime-colour wash or Pine Benches fit in better. The main consideration should be a comfort but don’t be afraid to add your own touch. Consider draping the backs of chairs in your chosen flowers, tying a large bow or even attaching balloons to pass as you walk down the aisle.

Tables shouldn’t be ignored either when it comes to setting the scene. For elegance, opt for Trestle Tables that can be lined up to accommodate all guests. If you’re looking to keep the conversation flowing between new acquaintances. Round Tables could be the ideal option. And, if you want to encourage people outside, opt for Teak Garden Sets. No matter the table, your centre decorations should be a showstopper. Use flowers from your bouquet, incorporate your wedding colours or go for something entirely unique such as a floral birdcage or upside down wine glasses filled with crystals.


If you’ve chosen your wedding location because of the scenery, make sure everyone gets to appreciate it. Many marquee styles can be installed with panoramic windows or with raised sides to bring the outdoors in. Make the most of this and work with your marquee hire company to ensure the best views can be seen from both inside and outside. If you’re getting married during colder months, clear sides are the perfect way to tick both boxes. And, we recommend framing the scene with additional accessories. Fairy lights can be strung along the outside frame or bunting used to complete your wedding theme.

Planning your marquee wedding should be enjoyable and something you do as a couple. Research as many ideas as possible and discuss them in detail. Choose a theme that speaks to you as a couple and make sure it’s a definite yes before purchasing any accessories. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of our marquee design team, please get in contact today.