According to research by the Vegan Society, 51% of people are happy to see vegan food available in shops and restaurants. Alongside this, 56% of adults in the UK actively practice vegan buying behaviours in their everyday lives. With this many people now actively following this way of living, it falls to reason that many of us will be planning vegan weddings in 2020. Our focus on eliminating any products or services that use the exploitation of or cruelty of animals in the form of food, clothing or other purposes undeniably leads into the most important days of our lives.

Here at South West Marquees, we work with hundreds of couples throughout the year. And each one has a unique story. Vegan weddings are rising in popularity and we want to help support couples with this. This guide will lead you through the different aspects to consider and how you can ensure they fit your needs perfectly.


If you’re interested in planning a vegan wedding, one of the first places you’re likely to look is the food. And indeed, this is the area of life that the vast majority of the public has become used to associating with veganism. Incorporating vegan foods into your wedding breakfast, hors d’oeuvres and post-celebration snacks are easier said than done – especially in this modern age.

One of the key things you need to consider is how to utilise unique recipes but still be inclusive of all of your guests. Some of us may have family members and friends who also follow a vegan diet. And, others may be celebrating with a hoard of meat-eaters. Either way, you’ll need to cater for all involved.

Hors D’oeuvres

During cocktail hour, you’ll want to serve small and delectable treats that keep guests full but also emphasise your wedding theme. Ensure they are near, don’t drip and aren’t messy – the last thing your guests want is stains on their outfits. Choose things such as:

  • Potato Croquettes with roasted tomato salsa and vegan cheese.
  • Sweet potato bruschetta.
  • Herbed vegan mushroom pate.
  • Vegan olive tapenade.


Starters to lead into the main course need to be lightweight but delectable. Full of flavour, they should give a taster for just how delicious vegan foods need to be. Consider items like:

  • Green pea and asparagus arancini balls.
  • Sweet potato and cauliflower soup.
  • Beetroot carpaccio.


Your main should be filling but in keeping with the rest of your menu. Like everything else, it needs to be delicious – as many vegan dishes can be. We recommend something like:

  • Vegetable risotto.
  • Beetroot, walnut and lentil wellington.
  • Cashew moussaka.
  • Butternut squash, sage and cashew loaf.


Alongside your wedding cake, give guests something sweet and unforgettable to enjoy. Even vegan, you’ll find something amazing. Our favourites are:

  • Pistachio creme brulee.
  • Baked banana and coconut sorbet.
  • Vanilla bean pavlova.
  • Key lime pie with coconut ice cream.
  • Apple and fig crumble.

Working with a vegan caterer will help you get the very most out of your menu too.

Wedding Dress

Many wedding dresses include materials such as silk. Although this is a naturally occurring product, the best quality silk produced in the quantities needed for a wedding dress causes thousands of silkworms to die. So, in order to find a vegan wedding dress, you need to avoid silk. However, there is a multitude of other fabrics to choose from – lace, satin, taffeta and even more ornate versions of cotton. Available on the market today, some of the leading brands in ethical and sustainable wedding dresses include:


There are ways to make sure that, even the way you look and feel on your birthday, remains within the limits of your beliefs. The makeup you choose can also be vegan and many brands are adopting this form of sustainability with their products. Choosing a makeup artist that specialises in vegan products is an effective way of ensuring you abide by your beliefs. But, if you’re sticking to a budget, there are also ways of staying attentive to the options you choose. Things to look for include:

  • Looking for the Vegan Society Logo which certifies that a product contains no animal fats or animal by-products.
  • Check for the Leaping Bunny Logo. This international symbol guarantees that no animal testing was carried out during the product’s development.
  • Note that even if a product states that it’s ‘Vegan’, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all ingredients have been replaced with botanical replacements. They can be replaced with synthesised laboratory-produced ingredients instead.

Favours and Wedding Gifts

Many couples choose to celebrate the people who have helped to make their special day important through favours and wedding gifts. And, it’s entirely possible to maintain your vegan theme throughout this too – all you need to do is be more mindful of the products and items you choose.

Sweet treats

Who remembers sugared almonds? The quintessential wedding favour wrapped in colourful paper and tied with a bow. While we rarely hear of anyone looking forward to this particular treat these days, having something sweet to gift guests is both low-cost and effective. Vegan chocolate treats, hard candies or vegan lollipops – all of these are easy to store and can be personalised to suit your theme.


How about gifting them with something adorable that they can keep in their homes for longer? Soy candles are available in a range of scents and colours – and you can even have photographs printed on for that additional touch.


Individually wrapped vegan and cruelty-free soaps are another practical and adorable way to celebrate your love. In the same way as candles, they can be personalised and packaged up in any way you choose.

Organising a vegan wedding is becoming easier and easier. As more companies adopt a more sustainable and cruelty-free model, so does the variety of alternative wedding products expand. Here at South West Marquees, we are experts in weddings – it’s what we do! If you’re considering a vegan marquee wedding, our experienced team is on hand to help you make it one to remember. Get a quick quote or get in contact today on 01373 836 999 for more information.

This trend-based guide will focus on how to create a vegan wedding in 2020. It will discuss areas including food, clothing and decorations. The idea will be to promote products that aren’t animal-based while ensuring sustainability is highlighted in its importance. Where relevant, the post will discuss how marquees can help couples reach these eco-friendly goals and how they can be used to host such an event.