Having a guest book at your wedding is an ideal way to capture precious memories from the
perspective of your family and friends.
But what if you want to offer something different that will enliven or intrigue your guests?
Here are some alternative takes on the standard wedding guest book.


A decorative tree that is. These are usually small wooden, or cardboard, decorative trees, whereby
guests write their messages on paper notes, or any kind of tag, and hang them on the tree to create
the ‘leaves’.
This is a lovely idea that can be adapted to the style of your wedding. For example, the notes can be
written on heart-shaped tags, to hang on the branches. Or slotted into a tree-shaped frame to form an
overall picture.
Another popular trend is to provide a polaroid camera and have the guests hang up their snaps, to
form a photo tree or a frame of retro-style wedding photos.

Scrap book

Why not have your guests get crafty.
Leaving a wedding scrapbook out throughout the event means your guests can not only write
messages and well wishes inside like a standard guest book, but can get creative in a multitude of
ways, such as adding photos (again, by having a polaroid camera available to use), adding stickers,
ribbons, glitter, or tape, choose their own pens and their own layout. Having good quality (and a good
amount) of pens and stationery to hand will be key.
This is a really fun way for your nearest and dearest to capture their memories of the day.

Audio guest book

There’s a good chance your guests will have never seen this before.
Rather than a book at all, a quirkier option is to provide another device – for example a retro or
vintage style telephone – for friends and loved ones to leave recorded voice messages throughout the
Playing the messages back in future is bound to be a fantastic way to reminisce and relive the
treasured memories of your special day.


Incorporating one of the above guest book ideas into your wedding means you can create a unique
keepsake to last a lifetime. As touched on above, you don’t even need to use a book at all. Having
the guests sign any item of your choosing (perhaps with sentimental value) means the options are
Whatever you opt for, a unique wedding guest book not only has the potential to enhance your overall
aesthetic but will leave a lasting impression on your guests.