Planning your big day is both exciting and daunting. For many of us, it’s the first time we’ve been left in charge of such an important event. And, with all of our expectations and dreams, it can feel challenging to turn these ideas into a reality. The beauty of this is that there are so many professionals available to help you. Planning a wedding day should be an entirely personalised experience but one way you can begin to piece everything together is by considering the season you plan to say ‘I Do’ in. In this guide, we’ll provide you with some tips and tricks to get the most out of your wedding day, regardless of whether you’re planning a sunny outdoor celebration or a magical Christmas soiree.


Summer is the most popular month for weddings here in the UK. With fluctuations in weather and temperature, many couples opt for these months to try and ensure the best experience. And, there truly is something beautiful about getting married on a summer’s day in England. The flowers are in full bloom, the blue skies hit all the right corners of your wedding photos and your guests create memories they’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Marquee weddings are ideal for summer. They allow you to select outdoor locations that you and your betrothed both love with the opportunity for your guests to drink in the scenery too. Decorations, such as bunting walkways, can be used to transform a wide and expansive space into one with character and bring whimsical beauty to wedding celebrations. Lanterns or spring lights for trees illuminate outdoor spaces beautifully at night, allowing guests to spend more time enjoying the warmer weather. And the opportunity for dresses and evening outfits expands when you don’t have to worry about being cold. The warm weather is a blessing in so many ways and knowing how to best manage a summer wedding will help you make the most of it.

Consider the following points:


During hotter periods, you may want to consider serving your guests lighter foods. Think fish and seafood or grilled chicken with seasonal vegetables like new potatoes or asparagus. Salads and cool fruit slices will help to refresh guests during the day while white wine spritzers or prosecco flutes provide the ideal accompaniment.


If any vital parts of your wedding day need to take place outdoors, consider them around the hottest periods. Generally, in the UK, we experience the hottest parts of the day between 12-2 pm. If you have elderly relatives or small children attending your big day, you may want to move the activities taking place during these times to a shaded marquee space to help with comfort.


Getting married in Spring gives you the best of both worlds. You’ll likely still have beautiful weather with a slight breeze to keep all members of your wedding party happy. On top of this, Spring is when most of the UK’s flowers first bloom so you have the opportunity to be surrounded by colour and beauty from every angle. A spring marquee wedding provides you with a shaded spot to keep guests comfortable (with the option of portable heaters to take away evening chills). They can be dressed up to suit any theme and used to host entertainment right into the night.

Things to consider with a Spring wedding include:


Spring is the perfect time to shop local and opt for the flowers that are at their best during these months. Think large, coloured peonies with their distinctively curved heads or lily’s that spray out amongst other blooms. Shopping with local florists will help ensure your flowers are as fresh as possible on the day, reduce your carbon footprint and help support the local economy all at the same time.


There’s a reason they call it April showers. While spring can provide you with hot and beautiful days, it is also where a lot of rainfall happens. And, planning for this can help to eliminate the risk of disappointment. If you’re opting for a marquee wedding, ask the suppliers to make sure that walls and windows are available on the day. These temporary additions can be added on, should they be needed, while still allowing guests to view the beautiful scenery around. If you’re getting married on a field or soft ground, you may need to consider additional flooring options to help stabilise your event, to prevent slip and trip hazards.


If you’re looking for something whimsical and magical, a winter wedding has it all rolled into one. If you’re lucky enough to get snowfall, the photographs can be something seemingly plucked from a fairy tale. The accessories you can choose to help combat the cold only accentuate many wedding dresses – thick fluffy faux fur capes and hand muffs that seamlessly blend themselves into your bridal look. There is something undeniably cosy and refreshing about a winter wedding, which is why so many people are drawn to them every single year.

For your winter wedding, consider the following:

Heating and Coverage

You’ll need to have some form of heating solution for your guests. This is where marquee weddings are ideal. With the right heating system in place, you can still host your special day in the location of your dreams while keeping everyone comfortable the whole night long too. At South West Marquees, we have a wide selection of small and large heaters that provide indirect heating and that are installed outside of the marquee so as not to disrupt your aesthetics.

You may also want to think about creating dedicated pods with specific heating arrangements (for small children or the elderly) where they can retire if needed.


Autumnal weddings are a blend of rich, warm and inviting colours along with the most exquisite scenery. If you think your location is beautiful in the summer, just wait until you see it in an explosion of red, orange and crisp browns. The beauty of autumn is that you get a very visual representation of the season without extreme temperature dips. You can still have that wedding dress you fell in love with and pair it with exquisite accessories to create a day you’ll never forget.

For your autumn wedding, consider the following:


If you’re stuck on a colour pallet for your autumn wedding, go natural. Incorporate reds, browns and oranges into your day – either through the flowers, decorations or even your own makeup. This is a beautiful way to celebrate the season and pull together all of the aspects of your big day into one.

Seasonal Menu

Similar to the flowers in spring, consider implementing a locally sourced and seasonal menu into your autumn wedding. Think butternut squash and truffle mushrooms alongside unique meats like quail or lamb. Supporting local butchers and giving your guests the most delicious meals is easy during these crisp months.

Whenever you plan to get married, make sure your big day is as unique and special as your relationship. Here at South West Marquees, we work with many couples to help them design and plan days they’ll remember forever. For more advice or to speak to a member of our team about the marquees we have available, please do get in contact with us here today.