Marquee events allow you the freedom to choose your event location with considerable ease in comparison to fixed venues. They have a whole host of benefits, many of which we have explored through our blogs over the months. Having the right generator on hand to support your event is vital – especially if you’ve chosen a more remote location. Without access to mains electricity, you need reliable electricity to run everything from marquee lighting and sound equipment through to heaters and more. Generators come in a host of different sizes, depending on your needs? And, in today’s blog, we’ll explain how you can calculate the size of the generator that your event needs.

South West Marquees Generator Tool

Over the years, we have worked with clients on a multitude of events. Weddings, corporate hospitality, festivals and more – the majority of these have needed generators to ensure their event went off without a hitch. Our specialist team has long since provided guidance and advice to every client to ensure they have the right number of and sized generators on the day. And now, we’ve used this experience to create our Generator Tool.

Hosted on our website, it allows us to gather all relevant information about your event to ensure our final calculations are entirely accurate. From this, you will get a quote for the generators we recommend for your event. The quote will include a system that will power your event sufficiently for the run time specified and the equipment that you require.

Factors Dictating Generator Size

When filling out our generator tool form, we ask for the following information:

  • Appliance Description.
  • Power in KW.
  • Item Quantity.
  • Service User.
  • Connection Type.

With this information, our tool will calculate the total power requirements in both Kv and Kva. This tells us how much electricity supply you need running continuously or at different times during your event. We can then create a power system that accommodates these needs exactly, ramping up during busier times (such as presentations or dances) and dropping back during quieter periods (such as meals and relaxation slots).

What Sized Generators Do You Have?

At South West Marquees, we have accumulated a range of generators, from 25Kva through to 70Kva. Alongside these, we also have access to larger-than-standard fuel tanks and extended fuel cells. There are best suited to larger events or those with extended run times. When calculating the electricity requirements for your events, we need to have a clear understanding of your events run time. Generators are fuel-run and, if this dries out, your event will experience disruption and the generator may become damaged.

Visit our Generator Tool on the website here today for a quotation for your event. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to call or email our team here today.