Sustainability has become quite the buzzword over the last decade. As a society we’re becoming
more conscious of our impact on the world and how we can minimise negative effects on the
environment and reduce our carbon footprint.
Naturally this has led many couples looking to plan greener weddings that are more eco-friendly.
Sustainable weddings ensure that the impact of the event causes minimal damage to the planet. So
what sort of things need to be taken into consideration?

Consider your Venue

When choosing the all important wedding venue, find out whether their eco-friendly practises align
with your own. Do they focus on recycling? Are they passionate about working with suppliers that
prioritise sustainability? This will give you an idea of whether you’ll receive the sort of
environmentally friendly service you want.
Another location consideration is whether, in order to get there, your guests are likely to rack up
hundreds of travel miles. The pollution produced from excessive travel has a significant impact on
our planet so choosing a venue that can be easily accessed through the fewest journeys is ideal.

Have an Outdoor Wedding

A great alternative to a traditional wedding venue is getting married outdoors. Whether you opt for
the addition of a marquee or not, hosting an outdoor wedding has so many advantages when
creating a green event, on top of it taking place in a beautiful natural setting.
For one, the abundance of natural light means you reduce the amount of energy required of lighting.
The outdoors also provides a naturally beautiful backdrop to the event and to your wedding photos,
meaning less décor may be required, that would otherwise lead to more costs and more waste.

Reduce Waste

Weddings can be one of the most wasteful events of our lives, so ensuring you minimise the rubbish
leftover from your special day should extend into all areas of the planning.
Single-use anything is terrible for the environment. Therefore hiring décor and equipment instead is
an effective way to avoid this. There are many wedding suppliers out there, including décor,
equipment, tableware and faux florals, who offer a hire service.
If this isn’t possible, it’s worth researching whether there are any local companies that collect
leftover food or used floral arrangements and donate them on your behalf.

Opt for Sustainable Meals

Look into hiring local caterers who source their ingredients and protein responsibly and use seasonal
Plant-based meals are also a great option, as they consume fewer resources to produce. You could
even consider serving a fully vegetarian or vegan meal for a lower impact on the earth without
sacrificing taste. And you won’t be harming animals in the process!

Go Local Wherever Possible

Working with local suppliers reduces your pollution input (see point 1) but also helps to support
local businesses. Here at South West Marquees, we specialise in creating the perfect wedding day

for every single couple. If you have any questions about the ways we can help to incorporate your
sustainable features into a wedding, feel free to get in contact with a member of our team.
Choosing sustainability for your wedding is one way to mindfully express your love while caring for
the world around you. Hopefully these points inspire you on how to host a sustainable wedding,
without having to make any sacrifices!