With most weddings opting for subtle and elegant glamour, this blog post will show you how you can introduce brighter colours into your wedding day. It will discuss accent flowers and accessories, balloon arches and confetti alternatives.

We will also share information about brightly coloured drinks and how some couples have asked guests to dress according to a colour theme. Every wedding day is different, which is why we want to explore the different colour themes out there and how you can achieve the incorporation of a selected colour.

Outfit choice

We will start with the one that sounds very interesting to us, the outfit choices of your guests. Starting with the bridesmaids’, you can have them wear a particular colour or a colour in your chosen palette, and this will set the tone throughout the wedding.

You can also add your selected colour to the groomsmen by adding, ties, bow ties, pocket squares or even socks to their outfit in your chosen colour.

On an extreme scale, you could ask guests to wear a colour from your chosen palette; however, this might take a lot of planning and advance notice should be given.

Flower arrangements

Flowers have always been a central theme at a wedding, from flower arches that surround the happy colour as they enter the venue to the bride’s bouquet. There are so many flowers to choose from that you are almost guaranteed to find the bouquet that matches your colour theme.

You could also hang flowers from the marquee to bring nature into your venue even more.

Table displays

Some happy colours are starting to create their own table displays as it adds a more personal touch to their happy day. The benefit of this is that you get to choose the colours that you use. From flowers to extravagant displays, you can brighten your marquee up with your table displays.


Create the perfect atmosphere while adding some colour to your marquee by choosing the right lighting for your event. There are so many lighting options to choose from, including, pins spots, uplighters, LED uplighters, chandeliers, lanterns and more.

The right lighting can either liven up the event or create a soothing atmosphere for everyone to unwind; it just depends on what you want.

The small details

Capture the moment the happy couple is surrounded by family and friends, while confetti cascades around them. That photo will be cherished for a lifetime. You can be eco-friendly as well by opting for colourful, biodegradable confetti such as flower confetti or rose petals.

You could also incorporate colour by having a special drink that was made with your colour in mind. For example, blue orange cocktails or a purple rain cocktail. Alternatively, you could pick coloured glasses, so every beverage follows your colour scheme.

Brighten up your wedding day!