A marquee for a wedding can be an idyllic setting, whatever time of the year. It makes a perfect venue in the summer or winter. Light and airy, they offer incredible flexibility, allowing you to completely transform the space and put your unique stamp on the decoration. Tailored just for you, a marquee wedding allows you to create a really special environment for the bride, groom and guests to celebrate such a special occasion. When it comes to styling, a marquee offers a blank canvas for you to work with, allowing you to transform the space into the perfect wedding venue.

The layout of your marquee will depend on many things, from the number of guests who will be attending through to your chosen theme and seating plan. As well as accommodating large numbers of guests, a marquee wedding can also be perfect for smaller weddings too. The flexibility of the marquee allows you to create a layout that perfectly matches your wedding style. This allows you to choose everything from wall linings through to chairs, decorations, the flooring, tables, linens and lighting to suit your chosen style, allowing you to make the wedding space really unique.

With this in mind, how can you use the different elements of the marquee design to really reflect your wedding theme and style? Let’s take a closer look.

Flooring:  A well designed floor can really add style to any marquee, and it can reflect your theme very well. A white floor for example would be perfect for a winter wedding. All types and styles of flooring can be sourced from mats and carpet through to tiles and more.

Wall Lining and Drapes: Using the walls and drapes allows you to transform the space into something spectacular and sophisticated. Any coloured drapes can add a real luxurious feel to the surroundings.

Centrepieces: Once you have decided on the seating plan centrepieces can really make an impact and they can be created to really reflect the style of wedding that you are aiming for. Colour schemes can range from creams, to silvers and pastels to create something elegant or more bold colours for a more dramatic look.

The Finer Details: A wedding is all about the details. They are planned with precision and skill and you can really add anything you would like to tables and chairs to create the perfect finishing touches.

If you are planning a marquee wedding, it is so important that you use the right planning tools.