Planning a wedding in a marquee offers a unique blend of elegance, versatility, and an outdoor feel that many couples find irresistible. Whether nestled in a garden, on a beach, or in a beautiful countryside field, marquees can transform any setting into a stunning venue. However, like any wedding venue, marquee weddings come with their own set of etiquettes and considerations.

Here’s a guide to help both couples and guests navigate the nuances of marquee wedding etiquette seamlessly.

For the Couples

Plan for the Elements

Marquees are fantastic for their flexibility, but they do expose you to the elements. Make sure you have a backup plan for inclement weather. Invest in good flooring, heating, cooling systems, or consider side panels to protect against wind or rain. Clear or translucent panels can also enhance the ambiance without compromising on protection.

Lighting is Key

The right lighting can transform a marquee from a simple tent into a breath-taking venue. Consider fairy lights, chandeliers, lanterns, or even LED candles. Opt for dimmable lights to set the mood for different parts of the evening—from the romantic, intimate dinner to the lively dance floor.

Seating and Layout

Think about the flow of your marquee. Ensure there is ample space for guests to move around comfortably. Arrange seating in a way that encourages conversation and interaction. Round tables are great for a communal feel, while long banquet tables can create a sense of intimacy.

South West Marquees will not only provide a beautiful marquee but are happy to offer and assist with lighting, flooring, and heating.

For the Guests

Dress Appropriately

Marquee weddings often have a more relaxed atmosphere, but this doesn’t mean you should skimp on style. Check the dress code and consider the weather and terrain.

Comfortable shoes are a must, especially if the ground is uneven or grassy. Be mindful of your steps, especially if you’re wearing heels. Consider bringing along a pair of flats for the dance floor to avoid sinking into the grass or tripping on uneven surfaces.

RSVP Promptly

Weddings can be costly, and planning a marquee wedding often involves a lot of logistics. Respond to the invitation as soon as possible, and let the couple know if you have any dietary restrictions or special needs.

Respect the Venue

This goes for any wedding – But marquees are often set up in beautiful, natural locations. Be mindful of the environment and avoid littering. Dispose of your trash properly, and if there are designated areas for recycling, make sure to use them.

Enjoy the Atmosphere

Marquee weddings often have a unique, rustic charm. Embrace the setting, enjoy the scenery, and engage with the couple and other guests. The beauty of a marquee wedding lies in its relaxed, personal atmosphere, so make the most of it!


The essence of a marquee wedding is its ability to bring everyone together in a truly magical setting.  The key is to plan thoroughly, ensuring comfort, style, and functionality, to guarantee unforgettable moments, stunning views, and a celebration filled with love and laughter!