When planning your wedding, there are certain tick points you’ll likely be moving your way through. Dress – check. Wedding cake – check. Evening entertainment – check. One of the biggest decisions to make and one that will continue through many elements of your big day is the decor. And within this, what flowers you’re going to use. Traditionally, the bouquet was crafted with fragrant herbs and spices said to ward off bad luck during a wedding. Flowers themselves are also said to symbolise new beginnings, happiness and fidelity between two people. However, times are changing and more and more brides are opting to leave behind tradition in favour of something more unique. In 2020, we look at the different ways you can use flowers on your special day to make it truly one-of-a-kind.

Flower walls

If you’re looking to make an impact, opt for a flower wall. These portable constructions are woven with either artificial or real flowers to suit your wedding decor. They can be positioned at the end of the aisle, in the entrance point of your marquee or in the evening reception against one of the marquee walls. Unlike traditional photos where the wedding location’s beauty was celebrated, flower walls provide a unique backdrop for any snap. They encourage guests to participate and are on-trend with our social-media-driven obsession with sharing. If the flowers you’ve chosen for your big day have a specific meaning, they also allow you to enhance this message in an elegant and beautiful way too.

Flower clouds

Floral designs at weddings can range from the classic through to something more breathtaking. It’s here where flower clouds sit. As the name suggests, they are clusters of clouds suspended above tables and entranceways. Generally, they are made using lighter flowers such as sweet peas and gypsophila woven into larger blooms like peonies and roses. Some brides opt for feathers or other additions to bring these clusters of floral beauty to life too. Most marquees have a solid frame that can accommodate these clouds easily – simply hang with a thin wire to create the illusion of floating.

Flower ice cubes

Why simply display flowers when you could use them in everyone’s favourite part of a wedding – the drinks. For an ethereal and elegant way of incorporating your favourite blooms, freeze individual petals or clusters from your chosen group into ice cubes. Those from citrus blossom, hibiscus, honeysuckle, lavender and roses are all edible and therefore won’t impact the quality of your drinks. And for some, they will add a gentle floral flavouring that only acts to enhance the magic your guests are sure to feel.


You know that photo. The one at the end of the ceremony where the couple walk through a haze of confetti that has been lovingly chucked by their adoring guests? Well, why not incorporate flowers here too and opt for a more sustainable alternative. Individual petals can be clustered together in small bags, handed out and thrown without the risk of damaging the environment or putting wildlife at danger. And it also means that your wedding photos will be inline with your carefully chosen colour palette too.

Planning and hosting a one-of-a-kind wedding requires you to look at every aspect of your day and ensure it aligns perfectly with the wants of you both as a couple. Don’t feel obliged to follow tradition – there is a multitude of ways you can continue to celebrate your most beloved flowers while having the day of your dreams. For more advice and help planning a dream marquee wedding in 2020, get in contact with the South West Marquee team today.