Choosing the venue for your wedding reception can be an overwhelming task. There are so many different options and aspects to consider, and factoring in things like budget, the amount of guests you’ll be having and the theme you’re going for can all impact on your venue choice. So, why not choose a marquee wedding? A marquee is a great choice for so many different reasons.

Read on to find out why a marquee is a brilliant option for your wedding reception.

 You Choose the Venue

One of the wonderful things about having a marquee wedding reception is that it allows you to choose exactly where you’d like your wedding reception to be. All you need is a bit of space and voila – you are good to go. Whether you choose to host your wedding reception in a field, overlooking the beach or at a wedding venue that uses marquees, you have so many options when it comes to having a marquee for your wedding.

 It Works with Any Theme

Another great thing about marquees is they work with any theme. Whether you’re opting for a vintage, glamorous, rustic or fairytale theme, you can choose a marquee that works with your vision, and decorate it in whatever way you choose. Fairy lights, hanging lanterns and floral garlands work especially well in marquees.

 There is No Guest Limit

Worried about the number of guests coming to the wedding? With a marquee reception, there’s no need to worry, as you can choose a size of marquee that will accommodate all of your guests. This is another reason marquees stand out from other, more traditional wedding receptions.

 It Could Save You Money

Having a marquee could also be a really great way of saving you some money, and allows you to easily work within your budget. As there are so many different shapes and sizes for marquees, it means that there is a huge range of prices, too. You also have greater flexibility to work within your budget as you have control over your decorations, flowers, caterers etc.

 Choose Your Own Caterers

Speaking of caterers, this is another reason why a marquee wedding reception is so great – you get to choose exactly the sort of caterers you want. With so many amazing catering options, you don’t want to be limited to what the traditional venue supplies you with, and with a marquee wedding, you don’t have to be! There are also lots of quirky vintage vans available which really lend themselves to a marquee wedding. Choose anything from a hog roast to fresh pizza, crepes, ice cream or other street food.