Winter weddings can be beautiful and not just because it involves less sweating! Winter weddings offer you more venues and can even offer better rates, which is great if you are on a tight budget. Plus, imagine the amazing photos you can capture if it snows.

If you plan to have a winter wonderland wedding, then this blog post is for you. This blog post will touch on ways you can create a cosy and inviting event, and how we can make that happen if you choose South West Marquees.

Mood lighting

The first creative way you can make your winter marquee cosy is by incorporating mood lighting into your d├ęcor. In our opinion, lighting can add a touch of magic and make your wedding feel like an intimate affair. Lighting will brighten up your marquee, create a romantic vibe and can even create the perfect backdrop for photos.

Fluffy throws

Create an even more intimate affair with fluffy throws dotted around your marquee. Cuddle up close with your partner, younger guests could create tiny blanket forts if it is an informal wedding and guests can share stories of the happy couple.

Luxury furniture hire

The right furniture is a key part involved in making your wedding. Luxury furniture can add warmth to your marquee, for example, bright and neutral coloured furniture can make your wedding a cosy affair.

Luckily for you, South West Marquees offers tables and chairs that you can hire. We have so many available including white Bistro chairs, wooden folding chairs and even round tables, to name a few.

Warm drinks

The first three points are ways in which you can create a welcoming and warm atmosphere in your marquee, but this point is a way you can warm up your guests from the inside out. You can serve hot drinks at your wedding, such as flavoured tea and hot chocolate, to warm up your guests.

Warm drinks are subtle, tasty and there are so many options for all your guests.


The last, but not certainly not least way you can cosier up your marquee wedding is by using heaters to warm up your space. You can combat the cold effectively with a marquee heater, which makes your space warm for your guests.

Warm-up your space as well as your guests with any of the methods listed above.