Founding the business back in 1990 from a shipping container on his wife’s family farm, Chris started South West Marquees from humble beginnings. It soon grew, Chris is well known in the industry for his hard work, drive, and can-do attitude. Coming from an agricultural background, Chris quickly realised that he had the skills needed in the marquee industry. Often seen on site running from one job to the next and expecting his staff to do the same, he has been a person that has always led from the front resulting in him being affectionately known as ‘Boss Man’ amongst the team.

In 2008 South west Marquees moved from his home farm to our current larger premises at Nunney, Chris finally stepped down from day to day running after 26 years in 2016. He now helps with site visits and is the master of repairing sledge hammers, he was recently mistaken as the caretaker by a new employee. He is still closely involved with all the decision making and is always on hand to offer advice drawing on his wealth of experience.