The moment you say ‘I do’ is one that you will remember forever. And, the celebration afterwards should be one that goes down in the family history books. No matter how many guests you have or the wedding theme you choose, the right photographer will make sure none of those little details are ever forgotten. And, finding the right one may be at the top of your priority list. Here at our tips to help you find the right photographer for your marquee wedding.

Choose your photography style

It’s important that you understand what you’re looking for from wedding photos. Do you want someone to document the day from the back lines, catching real laughter and the joy of the day? Opt for a photojournalist or documentary style photographer. If you’re looking for photos that are creative where the setting is manipulated to create magic, look for more creative photographers. Perhaps what’s most important to you is making sure you have those traditional posed ground photos. Choose a photographer with a similar style and you can rest assured you’ll be delighted with the results.

Research online but also by word of mouth

Planning a wedding is something that most of us do once in our lives. All of your friends and family that have already been through this will have tips and recommendations to offer. And, when it comes to photographers, they’ll be able to let you know more than just price or style. They can tell you how their rapport with the photographer was, whether they integrated well into their big day and how quickly they returned the edited images. Word of mouth is very powerful so it’s always worth asking around.

Know your budget

Wedding photography can be a costly portion of your budget. It’s important to understand what your budget is and what you can expect to get for that. Remember that most photographers who charge premium prices do so because they have the skill and experience to guarantee a good job. However, you may also be lucky and stumble across a newbie with introductory prices and skills that impress.

Meet with your potential photographers

It’s always good to meet and build up a relationship with your photographer – even before you’ve chosen the perfect one. They’ll become such an integral part of your day, it’s important that everyone gets on. And, a face-to-face meeting will give you the chance to ensure they understand your wedding theme and how you want your images to come out.

Check your legal rights

Not something we always think about but there are technical matters you need to know It’s important that you fully understand the contract provided by your wedding photographer. How many images will you receive and will the photographer have the rights to use them for promotional purposes? Do you have to order prints through them or can you do it through source? Check these points out to make sure there is no confusion at the end.

Finding your wedding photographer is an exciting prospect and a nod towards the fact your big day will be here before you know it. Research well and you’re sure to find someone who captures those cherished moments perfectly.