This blog post is a practical piece that will aim to be a starting point when you are planning your wedding budget. This piece will also provide tips on how much marquee hire for the average wedding will be and what additional extras need to be factored into the costs.

Additional costs could include furniture, lighting, and linings.

Traditional Marquees

Unlike most marquee companies, we have published our price list so that you can compare our prices against others. At the end of the day, it is your wedding, and we want to make sure you are spending within your budget. For example, our traditional style marquee with an approximate size of 9m x 13.5m that can seat 80, or can stand 162 along with two internal poles will cost £658. The most substantial price we have listed is our 15m x 36m that can seat 450 or stand 722 along with five internal poles that will cost £2320.

Frame marquees

If you are looking for a freestanding Marquee to create extra space for your event, then our frame marquees are perfect. Our frame marquees range from £105 to £2162, with seating ranging from 10 to 310. Our 9m x 12m frame marquee, which seat 90 or can stand 144, will cost £577.

Canvas Marquees

If you are looking for an authentic and elegant appearance for your event, then our canvas marquees would be perfect. These marquees can create a lovely warm vintage atmosphere as well as sculptured lines. In terms of pricing, our Canvas Marquees are quite different, as these are really a premium structure with all the most authentic features possible. For example, our 12m x 12m canvas marquee, which can seat 130 or stand 192 and will cost £1295. Additional costs for a Canvas marquee of this size are the lighting which would be £80 and lining which would be £300.

Marquee heating hire

Depending on the time of year your event takes place, you might need to hire a high-quality heating system. There are some things you can’t control, but you don’t want your guests to be too cold at your wedding. We have different heating options available to make sure you and your guests are warm, comfortable, and cosy, even in the heart of winter.


When planning your marquee wedding, you might not realise you need to budget in the flooring, but we are here to remind you! We can provide a sturdy, durable and interlocking floor, level platform, carpeted flooring or dance floor in different styles and colours.

We can help

When you fill out our enquiry form on our website we start working on a bespoke quotation for you, it should include enough information for us to produce a quotation that will include all the main costs. We often include options on items you may not have thought of yet, or didn’t realise we offered such as Luxury Trailer Toilets. All our quotations are sent with a bespoke scale layout plan to help you visualise the size of the marquee. We welcome your comments and feedback and make any amendments necessary. After this, if you are interested in taking the quote further we encourage you to arrange a free no obligation site visit, where we will look at all the possibilities of the site, flag up any issues and talk through the quote in detail. We bring a tablet with thousands of photographs so we can show you examples of previous projects and all the items on your quote. We try our best to arrange meetings at a time to suit you, all we ask is that you provide the tea!

After this we make any further amendments and produce a new layout. By this point we hope that you will have enough information to decide if you would like to book our services. This can be done via our easy to fill online booking form which also shows our bank details for the deposit.

Once the project is booked we still help you to make the inevitable changes and amendments as your plans develop.

We are always on hand to help you plan your big day. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact a member of our team today on or call our head office on 01373 836999.