There is something undeniably magical about Christmas time. Maybe it’s the joy that seems to rain down every time we hear a church bell ring. Maybe it’s the job you see on little children’s faces as they hurry along, wrapped up in thick woollen scarves, on their way to see St Nicholas himself. Whatever it is, this whimsical magic draws in many soon-to-be betrothed couples. If the idea of saying, ‘I Do’ under falling snowflakes and surrounded by mistletoe ticks all of your boxes, we’ve got the right tips and tricks for making this happen. Read on to learn more.

Consider A Marquee

You may think us mad for suggesting an outdoors wedding during winter but hear us out. Marquees are entirely blank slates that can be easily turned into a winter wonderland with the right decorations. Think evergreen trees, oversized red bows and twinkling fairy lights everywhere. If you’re lucky enough to have snow on your wedding day, imagine the memories you’ll create walking into your guests after the vows have been completed. And, if not, that crisp breeze and outlook onto your location during these charmingly beautiful months will only act to heighten the wonder of your special day.

Use Decorations

We’ve mentioned it above but think of your decorations as a way to tell your Christmas-themed love story. Perhaps you envision greenery with red berries draped across the ceiling. Maybe you want to have every seating place marked with a personalised bauble. Perhaps, you want to turn the card box into Santa’s letter drop off – the options are endless and most can be DIY’d for that extra-special touch.

Serve Festive Food

Step aside Santa and Christmas trees – if there’s one thing that says festivities, it’s the right food. You could have your wedding breakfast as a delicious Christmas dinner. Or, serve mulled wine to guests as they walk in from the cold outdoors. Scatter cranberries in glasses of champagne or serve mince pies for dessert.

Consider Fur Capes Or Hand Muffs

Winter is all about wrapping up warm and there are some truly beautiful fur bridal accessories out there. With one glance, your guests will instantly be able to tell the theme and feel transported to a Christmas haven of love!

Festive-themed weddings have a very specific beauty to them. And, here at South West Marquees, we have everything you need to turn your dream into a reality. If you would like to speak to one of us or have a question, please do get in contact with us here today.