How to plan your beautiful outdoor vintage wedding

Vintage is one of those words that pops up again and again when it comes to wedding styling.

If you have chosen a marquee wedding, there is a good chance you have an eye for style and have chosen the blank canvas this offers to imprint your own vision onto it.Here are the top ways to build this look:


If you are the type of person who enjoys working through auction sites, junk shops, antique fares and charity shops, then it will be a breeze for you to introduce just the right amount of quirky individual items that will set you apart from everyone else.

Choose elements to personalise that are manageable, and you will find enjoyable. Many couples have come up with really innovative ideas for simple items such as table plans made from an old pallet, vintage picture frames hanging from trees to use as photo props and vintage sweet shop style candy bar for good kids (and naughty adults).These vintage tea cups are bought from charity shops for less than the cost of hiring, and with each one slightly different creates a really individual feel. Attach a simple parcel tag and you have place names for your tables. Recycled Jam Jars with simple flower decorations bring in a country element, however, don’t be too Spartan; a touch of luxury will be noticeable against a simple backdrop, treat yourself to a big crystal chandelier or Edison lighting rig.


Good suppliers will now have a range of equipment that will supplement your theme, from vintage canvas marquees to plain pine boarded trestle tables. Real cotton canvas marquees with their wooden poles and ropes on show and warm feel create a setting that instantly takes the guest into the atmosphere of the vintage wedding without being ‘shouty’. Beware; some suppliers may try to pass off tatty old equipment as vintage, this is not the same thing! Ask to see as much as possible before making a booking, trustworthy companies with nothing to hide will be happy to show off their stock to potential brides.

Taste is always a factor, not every item has to be of an exact historical vintage, you are not creating a museum piece, tasteful,  quality equipment set off by key style items will be adequate, don’t overdo it. The key to remember is that a marquee is a large space and when you scale up what seems discrete and tasteful to a full wedding setting the effect can be overbearing so be sparing  (this will help your budget too).

There is nothing wrong in using other people’s photos as inspiration, here’s how I justify it: if you copy from one person it’s plagiarism if you copy from three or more it’s referencing.

Most important; You are the key: It’s your personal vision and ideas that will provide the deciding factor in curating this style, don’t be scared to try ideas out, mock them up at home and see how you feel about them, remember: there are no rules!