From the beautiful countryside away from the noise of towns to the grounds of stunning stately homes, marquees help you to create a wedding venue in your dream spot. Marquees provide flexibility when it comes to locations, so happy couples can scout the location that reflects their style, is picture perfect for wedding photographs and can be adapted to suit their wedding party. However, when you’re picking out the area that the marquee will be placed in, there are some key considerations to think about, ensuring your big day lives up to your expectations.

1. The ground

Quality marquees have solid flooring that’s laid down inside the venue, so there’s an incredible amount of versatility when it comes to the surface it’s placed on. They can be erected in sunny, grassy fields or stone courtyards, for example. But you need to think about how flat the ground is; although gentle slopes can usually be accommodated, steep and uneven surfaces may not be. If you’re not sure whether the location you have in mind is suitable, our team offers advice.

2. Electricity access

If you’re planning to place a marquee inside the grounds of another building, they may allow you to use their power for areas such as heating, lighting, and more but it’s a factor you’ll need to check and obtain a quote for. If you’ve opted for a remote location instead or you can’t use electricity from another source, you’ll need to hire a generator which we can supply as a complete package, including power points and cabling.

3. Guest entry

Will your guests need to walk across potentially muddy grass to get to the marquee? Will there be anywhere for them to park? Make sure you have a clear idea of how easy it will be for your loved ones to get to and forewarn them if heeled footwear, for example, is unsuitable. Keep in mind that the British weather is unpredictable and have a backup plan in case of rain. We have temporary trackway for cars and pedestrian walkways for hire.

4. Vendor operations

Your wedding suppliers, from the florist to the evening entertainment, will all need to be able to access the venue too, often with larger vehicles. You will also need to consider what vendors need inside the marquee, such as whether caterers will be doing any on-site cooking and how the DJ will connect his equipment.

5. Toilets

If you’ve chosen a location that’s part of a wider wedding venue you may be able to use their bathroom facilities. Otherwise, you’ll need to hire toilets for the comfort of your guests too. Don’t worry though, we offer luxury loos that have hot running water, full length mirrors, and other superior features.

6. Set-up and dismantling

When hiring a location, you will need to factor in the time for the marquee itself to be both set-up and dismantled once the party has finished. You’ll also need to coordinate times with your wedding suppliers to understand how long they need to ensure everything runs smoothly on your big day.