The date for the big day is set and your next task is to settle on a venue. With so many things to consider, your guests, what theme you want, the size of your guest list and so much more. Choosing the right venue is so important and in doing so you should think about your guest list. Here are just a few considerations that you should factor in to your decision making:

The size of your guest list and how you want the day to unfold will determine the type of space that you will need. Are you having a small guest list with immediate friends and family at the wedding followed by a larger gathering on an evening for extended family and friends? If so you need a space that will fit the smaller and larger guest lists.

What type of venue are you looking for? Think about the location, style and facilities that each venue has. Marquee weddings can adapt to suit the different requirements of your wedding and can be decorated just for you, so they make a great space and if you choose wisely you can set up a wedding marquee whether it’s the height of summer or the depths of winter.

Think about your guests. If they will be travelling to your wedding, will they need accommodation if it’s far away from home and will your venue be able to accommodate them?

Venue Package
Depending on what you choose, some venues will provide a full suite of services, supplying the catering, décor and everything you need. If, on the other hand you want something that you can tailor yourself, bringing in your own suppliers and decorators, something like a marquee venue would be perfect.

Event Space
Another consideration is whether the venue will feature enough space for you and your guests, allowing you to create distinct spaces for entertainment, the reception or quieter areas for guests to still be present at the event but be away from the main celebrations.

Before you start to look for a venue, it’s recommended that you draw up your guest list so you can make sure that the space you settle on not only fits in well with your requirements, but adequately meets the needs of your guests. Planning the perfect wedding takes time, patience and consideration, striking a good balance between what you want and what your guests will enjoy too.