Choosing the perfect wedding  flowers  is, for some, one of the most important decisions you can make. From your bouquet through to buttonholes and table decorations, the blooms you choose directly impact the feel and look of your special day. If there’s one flower that has long had strong connotations with love, it’s the rose. And, in 2021, this obsession continues with more and more people choosing them to flourish while they utter, ‘I Do’. Today, we’ll take a look at where this link with romance came from and how you can bring roses into your wedding day easily.

Why Have Roses at Your Wedding?

The rose has been a chosen wedding flower for decades. In Victorian times, a single red rose given on a wedding day is a message of devotion. Entwining two roses together symbolize a strong and powerful union – ideal for a wedding. Different colour variations also have their own meaning – orange symbolises passion, yellow symbolises friendship and white roses are a sign of innocence. We love the idea of blending together classic traditions and modern styles – a collaboration that roses achieve effortlessly.

What Flowers Pair Well With Roses?

Working with the right florist is the best way to bring your floral dreams to life. Roses are a beautiful and versatile flower that pairs well with many other blooms. If you’re looking for classic elegance, opt for Callas Lilies which have a unique shape and come in a wide array of colours. For those seeking a showstopping bouquet or centrepiece, Snapdragons have the height and colour needed to make a statement. And, Chrysanthemums that their gently curved, slim petals are also a stylish accompaniment. Again, the options aren’t limited. With your theme and colour pallet in mind, the right florist will be able to bring those dreams and visions to life before your eyes.

How to Use Roses in Your Wedding?

We’ve talked about the impact that roses can have on a bouquet, but this isn’t the only entrance they need to make in your wedding. Flower walls continue to rise in popularity and roses are the ideal choice here – especially when paired with other coloured flowers in your pallet. Equally, the wedding breakfast is one of the best opportunities your guests get to admire their surroundings. Consider investing in breathtaking centrepieces that allow people to socialise but also ensure your big day will stay firmly in their minds. And, don’t forget the infamous wedding petal shot (because who uses confetti anyway, these days?).

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