If you’re planning a wedding for 2018, there are a great range of new, red-hot trends that promise to make your big day a unique and very special occasion. The wedding theme trends of 2018 are eclectic and cover a range of styles and ideas, so there’s no shortage of inspiration out there.

We’ve take a deep dive into the most on-trend themes for the current year, so read on and find some inspiration.

Big Floral Statements

The last couple of years has seen this particular trend rise and rise in popularity, with 2018 seeing big, hanging floral installations really come to the fore.

One of the best things about this trend is that it is very versatile and adds a new dynamic to the after wedding dinner, making full use of the space on offer. The idea is to have big, dramatic floral statements – usually behind the wedding party’s table and often above tables – to attract the eye and make the dining space feel more sumptuous.

You can choose muted tones like corn yellow and peach, or go with big, bold splashes of colour. Whatever your choice, the post-wedding dining space will look and feel full of life, and that’s what is at the core of this trend.

Secret Garden

Another trend that has really crested in 2018, a secret garden theme for your wedding is the perfect way to make full use of the great outdoors and cultivate a private, cloistered feel for your wedding.

White and soft pink tones are very popular when it comes to a summer secret garden wedding, with an emphasis on comfort but always with an eye on elegance. The key is to have the soft, fresh colours of your wedding theme fit seamlessly with the surrounding greenery of the outdoors.

If you decide for an autumn outside wedding, whites are still a good base tone for your theme, but you might want to consider deeper, richer colours like reds and purples to match the changing season.


Pearls – always a classic look, but not so popular in recent years – have come back with a vengeance for 2018. But the idea here is not just to wear pearls as a necklace or earrings, but also to incorporate them elsewhere.

Headpieces and rings are a very on-trend way to sport pearls, offering something a little different but still stylish. Many wedding dresses are also moving to incorporate pearls as part of their designs. However you wear them, pearls always look amazing and they are hugely on-trend in 2018.