Your wedding day should be personalised to you. It should be the one day where everything you’ve ever wanted comes to life right before your eyes. Marquees provide the ideal blank canvas to make this happen. No matter your theme, there are a host of ways to ensure your wedding is unique and a celebration that everyone remembers for years to come. Today, we’re discussing 5 ways you can make your celebration one of a kind.

Create a luxurious reception lounge

Once you’ve said ‘I do’ and tucked into the wedding breakfast, the real party begins. But for some guests, a few moments of calm are just what’s needed after all the joyous tears. Luxury couches and chairs can be used to create a relaxing lounge area which takes in the full breadth of your beautiful location. Set it up right next to the dance floor so people can still feel part of the celebration. Or, create a VIP setting with divider curtains and their own personal bar.

Create a signature cocktail

Refreshments are vital for a whole day of wedding celebrations. So, why not work with your bar staff to create a cocktail that means something to you and your new spouse? Think of your wedding colours or the tastes that bring back memories from fond holidays. Perhaps there’s the one drink he brought you on your first date? Or the champagne fizz he slipped your engagement ring into?

Personalised wedding favours

Because did anyone ever compliment a sugared almond? Take the time to consider the wedding favours you place on everyone’s table setting. How about flower seeds to grow the blooms from your bouquet? Or mini puzzle pieces that fit together with a special message? Personalised sweets are always a winner as is something quirky like a customised fortune cookie.

Memorable Guest Book

Why settle for a traditional book when it comes to capturing those good wishes from guests? How about printing a large jigsaw from your engagement shoot and asking guests to write on the back of each piece? Or leave out wooden hearts which can be slotted into a keepsake box? There are many different options out there and each one is sure to stay memorable in the minds of your friends and family.

Hire a photobooth

Everyone glams up for a wedding day so why not encourage people to get in front of the camera with a photo booth? They come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional options to those that show the photo instantly on a large mirror. Add in a box of props and you can guarantee to catch some winners – especially as the night goes on.

However you choose to personalise your wedding, just make sure that it is the perfect day for you and your newly appointed spouse.