As well as being one of the key wedding trends of 2020, sustainability has become the buzzword of the century. We’re becoming more and more aware of our impact on the world. And, from this, many of us are constantly seeking ways to be kinder to the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. This extends far beyond the purchases we make and the packaging we choose to recycle. Now, a growing number of couples are gravitating toward a sustainable wedding. So, how can you plan a sustainable wedding? And what areas do you need to pay particular focus to?

Consider Your Venue

There are a number of ways to make the most sustainable wedding location choice. First, speak to the hire department and understand whether their focus on eco-friendly practises aligns with your own. Do they have a keen focus on recycling? Are they passionate about working with suppliers that prioritise sustainability? This will give you a clear idea of whether you’ll receive the sort of environmentally friendly service you want.

Another location consideration is whether, in order to get there, your guests are likely to rack up hundreds of travel miles. The pollution produced from excessive travel has a significant impact on our planet so choosing a venue that can be easily accessed through the fewest journeys is ideal.

Go Eco-friendly For Your Cake

If you’re looking to go as sustainable as possible, opt for a vegan wedding cake. These plant-based ingredients have a lower impact on the environment than animal-derived alternatives. And, with modern technology, you’ll still get something that’s delicious and impressive to look at. It’s also advisable to opt for locally grown/sourced ingredients and, if possible, go seasonal.

Decorate the cake with natural toppers, such as fresh flowers or handcrafted paper ornaments. This way you’ll reduce waste and still have something exquisite to show off.

Discover The Charm Of Vintage Wedding Dresses

Vintage or upcycled wedding dresses also reduce your carbon footprint. Certain materials, including silks, use excessive freshwater and emit more greenhouse gases. Choosing a dress that has either been worn before or one that has been reimagined from another outfit reduces the demand on dangerous manufacturing processes. The beauty of this is that you can hark back to certain styles from different decades or find something entirely unique that expresses your own personality. Websites such as Heart Felt Vintage bring together curated collections of vintage and sustainable gowns for your to peruse.

Limit Stationery

One way to stay eco-friendly with your special day is to limit the number of wedding correspondence that occurs in paper form. Some couples choose to go digital. However, if you’re still drawn to that traditional edge, opt for a single bespoke wedding invitation with additional reminders provided in a different means. It also pays to request recycled paper, where possible.

Go Local

Where possible, work with local suppliers. This reduces your pollution input (see point 1) but also helps to support local trade. Choosing seasonal items will make your food, drinks and decorations easier to source but also less impactful on the environment. Look for florists, caterers and wedding specialists to help.

Choosing sustainability for your wedding is one way to mindfully express your love while caring for the world around you. Here at South West Marquees, we specialise in creating the perfect wedding day for every single couple. If you have any question about the ways to incorporate your sustainable features into a wedding, feel free to get in contact with a member of our team.