The start of 2020 has not been kind to large scale weddings. Some couples have had to postpone, cancel or reschedule their big day. The year isn’t over yet, though, and there are still options you haven’t considered to make your wedding day special.

This blog will introduce you to five of the key wedding trends in 2020. Explore how a sustainable wedding might be the secret to wedding day success. We will also explore how bigger doesn’t always mean better, as an intimate wedding has advantages that you haven’t even considered!

Feel inspired by our list of 5 wedding trends set to dominate 2020:

1. Sustainable Weddings

Sustainability is becoming more embedded in our lives, so it makes sense that sustainable weddings are becoming popular. On the contrary to what most people believe, having a sustainable wedding does not have to be expensive. So how can you achieve a sustainable wedding?

Consider the location. Destination weddings are expensive and will cause pollution due to air travel. A local wedding, on the other hand, has fewer transport costs. Consider a garden wedding, with a stunning marquee situated for you and your guests.

Other sustainable ideas include:

  • Local supplies.
  • Select reusable décor.
  • Biodegradable confetti.
  • Organic, Fairtrade and local baker for your cake.
  • Digital invites or recycled invites.
  • Buying second-hand or vintage attire.

2. Desirable Décor

When it comes to wedding décor, you want to make sure it matches your style and is functional for the day. The right lighting, for example, can illuminate your event while providing you with a stunning backdrop for photos.

Banquet tables, decorated with personalised centrepieces are also set to be a popular trend dominating 2020. Decorative rose features are also set to be a staple piece of every wedding in 2020. With it being the symbol of romance, and a real classical feature, is it any wonder that the rose has made a return?

3. Unique Wedding gowns

If you are wearing a wedding gown for your big day, you have to remember that the final decision is yours. Think about your style, taste and fashion sense, and most importantly pick a gown that makes you feel confident.

We can still mention some fashionable wedding gowns for 2020 though. Modern couples are moving away from the traditional ball gown and towards dresses with a punk feel infused with the 80s. The classic white dress is also being pushed to one side to make way for colourful dresses, and even blush gowns. Minimalistic dresses, lace dresses and tier dresses are also making a comeback in 2020.

Whether you are wearing a gown, suit or feathery dress for your wedding, just make sure it is right for you.

4. Elaborate floral decorations

Sustainable floral options are popular in 2020, also with hanging instalments and dried flowers. More and more couples are opting for elaborate potted plants at their wedding, and some are even choosing cacti as features.

Other popular ideas include the first letter of the couple’s name being arranged in roses. Floral archways for the couple to walk through and elaborate table centrepieces being formed from the couples favourite flowers.

5. Intimate Weddings

Smaller weddings are also becoming more and more popular, thanks to the events of 2020. Smaller weddings should not be looked at in dismay, as they can be intimate events, filled with the people you genuinely love. Your wedding day should focus on the love you have between your partner and yourself, and an intimate wedding is a way to do that.

For the limited number of guests you do have, you can provide them with Bell Tents to give your guests as a place to safely stay.

Enjoy your wedding day, no matter the trend you incorporate.