Are you confused about which style your wedding should be? Both traditional and modern wedding styles are beautiful, so we understand the confusion and frustration you might be facing when it comes to deciding with one suits you.

You can even have elements of each side incorporated into your event, to create your own creative style. A wedding should be a celebration of you and your partner, which is why we want to explain the differences between the two.

This blog post explains the differences between traditional and modern wedding styles.

Traditional wedding

Traditional weddings can be defined as beautiful and classical. Traditional weddings can have a rich history within your family and are typically held in church. A traditional wedding might, however, cause difficulties if the couple did not meet in a traditional sense.

This type of wedding typically follows a strict structure but can incorporate styles from weddings that have happened within your family previously.

Modern wedding

Modern weddings are typically more flexible than traditional weddings, in terms of style, size and event venue. Modern weddings allow you to be as creative as you want, you can choose everything down to the decorations and venue.

This type of wedding does not necessarily require you to be religious and since they can be held at any venue, your wedding can be any size. Since you can be as creative as you want, you might decide to have your wedding abroad or you could incorporate styles that traditional family members might not enjoy.

Combining the two

As we mentioned, your wedding day is a special day for you and your partner, which means you can incorporate both modern and traditional styles. No wedding is required to have a set style; you should simply incorporate a style that suits your needs, personality and interests.

We can help

We can help you create a memorable wedding day, so if you choose South West Marquees, we can create a wedding day that is filled with elements from styles you like. We have so many options and services available, so feel free to check out what we have to offer.