So much effort goes into planning events and if you’re hosting an important celebration or function it’s so important to choose the right marquee. There are so many things to think about the style of the marquee may be the last thing on your mind, but it’s perhaps one of the most significant. In this guide we have put together some of the most popular types of marquee so you can make an informed choice about which one is best for you.

Frame Tent Marquee
Perfect for all types of events, these are premium marquees featuring an adjustable structure so they can be sited in almost any location at any time. They can also be used with other types of marquees to create unique events and entertaining space. Versatile and practical, they can be used as an extension to your home or venue or they are suitable for use in unusual or awkward spaces. You can also incorporate a raised floor which is great if the surface of the site is particularly uneven.

House Extension Marquee
If you are hosting your event at home or perhaps even in the grounds of a country estate, a house extension marquee is perfect if you need extra space to accommodate all of your guests. It’s essentially a variation of the frame tent but it’s a unique and creative way to add extra event space. If you want to host your wedding at your home or a venue and there isn’t quite enough space for all of your guests, this can be a perfect solution.

Pole Marquee
If you’re hosting a vintage or rustic themed event, this type of marquee would be ideal. It offers a traditional and relaxed ambience and it doesn’t need flooring or lining. Although the poles can be used as a feature, they aren’t suited to all events, so if you’re hosting a corporate event or a celebration during the winter this marquee wouldn’t be the best choice.

Chinese Hat Marquee
Best suited for reception spaces, breakout areas at corporate events, decorative entrances or garden parties, these are visually appealing structures suitable for small garden parties. They can be used as an add on to a larger marquee to add a little sophistication to your event.

Whatever type of event you are planning, choosing the right marquee is so important not only to create the best atmosphere but to deliver the best possible event for your guests.