A Winter Wedding Marquee – Creating a Winter Wonderland

Every Year our ability to deliver a Perfect wedding setting inside a marquee during the harshest of weather gets better,  technical advances have definitely been the key factor in providing a warm dry environment for the day. So as the wedding season opens up to 12 months a year why choose a winter wedding?

Stand out

If you are someone who is worried about getting stuck in the wedding factory atmosphere of some venues with all your features chosen from an ‘ala carte’  menu why not divert from the normal track and start from scratch with your original setting? Remember, there are no rules when it comes to creating your magical day!

How a winter marquee can save you money

Some companies will offer great out of season discounts as their work load is much smaller. Look out for promotions or ask suppliers if they are able to offer discounts.

Some points to consider; will you end up spending what you save on extra equipment to cope with the harsh conditions? Also not all suppliers will discount for winter as the cost to the supplier for creating the event can be greater in worse conditions.

Take your pick of venues and suppliers

With so much less competition you won’t be under pressure to choose the first option that comes along, let your suppliers fight for your patronage.

Winter Wonderland Wedding

The great thing about a winter wedding is that all the decorations are available off the shelf. Christmas trees with sparkly fairy lights will enchant your guests and can even be given away as a favour afterwards. Should the weather not oblige with the required snow, hire a snow machine to greet guests on arrival, no one will forget this! Of course, hanging mistletoe at strategic points is a must. A fairy light canopy in the roof of the marquee set off by white chivari chairs and crystal chandeliers set the scene to augment your decorations.How do I know that it’s possible to create the perfect winter wedding in the worst weather inside a marquee?

Here’s how we do it:

  • 55kw indirect heaters pump warm air into the marquee through ducting; you won’t believe the power.
  • Hard interlocking event floor provides a slightly raised surface that lets any water in the ground pass right through underneath, also perfect for wheelchair users.
  • Framed marquees with no guy ropes or poles are incredibly weather resistant; we can even place them on hard standing using our 1-tonne water weights as ballast.
  • Luxury Toilet units are put in a separate marquee that is joined so no danger of getting wet on the way to the loo.

Our vast range of lighting can provide a cosy sparkly feel at any time. Here is some of what we use:

  • Colourwash up lighters- these bright lights can be placed on the wall of the marquee in a subtle white dimmable effect. Then at the flick of a switch shine in any colour or even change colour in time with the music.
  • Chandeliers- either in brass gunmetal or crystal these shed a lovely warm even light. They are dimmable so you can control the atmosphere.
  • Lanterns- size or colour can personalise our paper lantern rigs, this can be an excellent way to bring colour into the roof of a marquee.
  • Festoon bulbs- increasingly popular with the ability to shed a low-level warm light leave plenty of room for other decorations.
  • Edison Bulbs- our rigs can drop Edison bulbs down from the ceiling, the vintage warm glow they provide cannot easily be replicated by anything else.
  • Fairy Light Canopy- modern LED technology allows us to create a canopy behind the lining that twinkles through as it begins to get dark creating a truly magical effect.