Whilst marquee weddings are typically known for summer weddings, don’t let that fool you. We hire marquees for winter weddings, parties, and events all year round.

Our marquees make the perfect winter  venue – But not without these essentials.


An obvious one, we know, but generating enough heat to keep all your guests comfortable and cosy inside the marquee should be top priority.

Our diesel heaters are placed outside the marquee itself, with heat ducted into the tent. These are thermostatically controlled, so the temperature can be altered throughout the event and should be used for marquees that are closable, (not for an open doored barn, for example).

Adequate Lighting

From October through to Springtime the evenings get significantly darker much earlier. For that reason, consider incorporating appropriate lighting in and around your chosen marquee.

South West Marquees offer an array of options.  Festoon lights are a great choice for lining along walkways and around perimeters.  Also an adequate amount of up-lighting will ensure no areas within your marquee are plunged into darkness.

Make sure you have enough outside lighting too. Illuminating areas around the tent so guests have enough visibility to come and go safely.

Seasonal Décor

Hosting an autumn or winter celebration means you can go all out with seasonal decoration. Of course, marquees are ideal for putting your own spin on your wedding day, as they are the perfect blank canvas.

Whilst it’s been known to have Christmas themed weddings, incorporating seasonal décor alone – Think winter wonderland – is sure to make your marquee look absolutely stunning.

Autumn weddings are also becoming a popular choice, largely for the fact that the nature can really provide the best visual backdrop. The changing colours provide beautiful photo opportunities, as well as the chance to seize the moment at twilight hour.

Winter Warmers

Keeping people warm enough is not only a functional requirement but can used to your advantage when considering the finishing touches and adding little details for the guest experience.

Offering extras like cosy blankets, shawls, or even having bobble hats and earmuffs on standby, is a playful way of keeping guests warmer, especially when venturing outside the marquee or into the evening.

South West Marquees have rustic extras like a firepits available. Who doesn’t love gathering around a fire and toasting marshmallows? That would really add to the seasonal vibes.

Extra Shelter

Chances are the ground outside will be wet or muddy, so having an entrance porch area just inside your marquee will allow people to wipe off or change shoes. Having somewhere to hang coats and umbrellas is equally important.

As well as the marquee itself, it may be worth offering other, smaller sheltered areas to protect everyone and everything from the elements.  Roof-only marquees with no lining could act as smoking areas, and storage areas might also come in handy, depending on your location choice.

If your wedding marquee isn’t near to a main venue, consider planning some kind of walkway. Walkways can also be used to create coverage between the main marquee and toilets, so people don’t have to go outside and expose themselves to the elements just to get to them.

These fundamental adaptations will guarantee that any winter marquee celebration is a success.