If you only wear it once, then surely trashing your wedding dress for a memorable photo is worth it?

For those of you who are new to the concept ‘trash the dress’ or ‘rock the frock,’ allow us to explain. This concept involves the person/people wearing the wedding dress in a not so wedding dress friendly setting. Not only is the outcome a creative, usually one of a kind, photo but you get to have some fun creating the picture.

Where did this trend originate from?

Most people and sources claim that this concept started in 2001. The idea was believed to have been started by John Michael Cooper, who is a wedding photographer in Las Vegas. The movie fanatics among you, however, will know that the film industry has been destroying dresses since 1998.

Why destroy the dress?

Some believe that this trend is a way for the bride/s to show the transformation from the bride into a wife. Others are said to engage in this trend simply because the dress will not be used again, so you might as well enjoy the day by capturing intriguing photos.

Where do these pictures take place?

Most of the images take place in lakes, streams, city streets, waterfalls, muddy fields, and even the bath. Beaches, rooftops and farms are also popular locations for the happy couple to take photos.
If you met your partner at a particular location, the trash the dress trend might be an exciting concept to incorporate in your wedding.

How marquees can play a part

Our marquees could lend a helping hand if you decide to incorporate the trash the dress trend into your wedding. If you want to have a festival themed wedding, out in a field, our marquees will help you create an elegant setting for your photography to take place.

Out in the open, with a marquee in the background, would also be a great place if you intend to trash your dress with coloured powder.

Take a look

The pictures are stunning, and we highly recommend taking a peek at some of the photos that have captured our hearts. You can always wash the dress, professionally, after you have enjoyed your day thoroughly.

The question remains, though, would you trash your wedding dress?