At Southwest Marquees we aim to make your event as stress free as possible. Our generator power packages are ideal for this. We supply everything you need from power source to end user. Included in the price is all cabling, power points, switches and a heavy duty distribution unit. Our generators range from 25kva to 100kva to suit the individual requirements of your event. The generator comes on a trailer, we site the unit, install the power cables, install the distribution unit, connect power to any applications in the marquee and supply power points for users such as band, caterers and bar. All you will have to do is turn it on and off on the day.

All our generators are super silent and we can often site the unit away from the marquee to reduce noise further. The generators we supply are owned and maintained by ourselves to guarantee reliability. The hire of the package is charged before the event, after the event there will be a £10 charge for every hour that the generator runs to cover the fuel used. This is calculated from the meter on the unit so that it can be checked by the hirer. New for 2018, we have purchased 2 brand new 50kva silent generators to add even more clean reliable power to our fleet.

Where there is a suitable power supply, our hard wired power feed systems can be used instead of a generator. This system needs to be installed by an electrician at your power source, we then supply cabling and heavy duty distribution units in the marquee as well as all power points and switches etc. These systems are silent, reliable and cost effective as there is no fuel cost. Prices start from £100.

We will require a power breakdown of all electrical use at your event to allow us to calculate the correct size package.